How to Use Your Phone for Dating

You’re taking the bus, you’re walking down the street, you’re sitting in a café… What do all these situations have in common? No, you really can’t guess? It’s obvious, just look around you right now. I bet you the people surrounding you are all — drumroll please — on their phones.

We are addicted to our devices. Even on the beach or hiking in the forest, we have our phones at hand. It’s no wonder that many of us look for the other thing we are addicted to — love — using our phones. Swiping, winking, smiling, texting. Your phone is where you go to flirt, date, and meet new people. So why isn’t it easier to meet the right person?

The problem with dating apps is that they are so damn superficial. What can you really tell from a profile photo and a list of likes? How do you know that picture isn’t from five years ago, and those likes aren’t just fictional? Why is it that you can text with someone and get along great, but then have nothing to say to each other in person? The secret’s out, folks: dating apps are the worst.

So, how should you be using your phone to date?

1. None of that Fake Crap

No fake pictures, no fake profiles… Just people talking to other people. That’s the number one benefit of Livelinks. You can tell more about a person by having one conversation with them, then by texting and emailing with them over days and months. That’s a guarantee.

2. Anytime, Anywhere 

People love their dating apps because they are accessible. Well, so is phone chat! In fact, it’s even easier to use phone chat wherever you are because you don’t need data or a Wi-Fi connection. Literally, all you need is a phone — even a good old-fashioned landline will do!

3. Let the Good Times Roll 

Phone chat is fun folks. Really fun. Remember when instant messaging hadn’t been invented yet? Remember how fun it was to call your best friend and chat for hours on end? Or ring up the boy/girl you liked and shyly ask them to hang out? Phone chat brings that magic back.

Have we convinced you yet? Seriously, you should just try it – that is, if you want to meet someone awesome.

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