How Your Chat Line Free Trial Works

It’s not just the ladies that get to have free fun on Livelinks Chatline… Gents, this one’s for you!

Did you know all men get a free trial when they call Livelinks for the first time? That’s right, you can try phone chat dating with no strings attached – at least, no strings attached to the service, but what happens between you and the ladies on Livelinks we’ll leave up to you.

Here’s a quick rundown of how your free trial works:

  • If you’re calling in for the first time, you can get a free trial. Just call your local number, choose your language, and when you’re asked for a membership number, press the # key instead. This will prompt the system to issue you a free trial, and there you have it! Simple right?
  • If you have minutes left over after that first awesome chat session, you can call back in from the same number and use them up.
  • If it’s not working, there could be a few reasons:
    • Your phone number has already been used for a free trial.
    • Your phone number can’t be read by the system. There’s a simple fix for this one, just dial *82 at the start of your call to display your number to the system.
    • You used up your free trial minutes!
    • It’s been over 3 days since you got your free trial.
    • You aren’t calling your local number. Livelinks can only give you a free trial if you call locally! 1-800 won’t work. If you need help getting connected, call customer service at 1-800-984-6889 and they will give you a hand.
  • If you’ve used up all your free minutes, don’t worry. Keep chatting with the ladies on Livelinks by purchasing a first-timer package. Double the minutes and double the fun, for just $9.99!

The ladies get to try it free, so why shouldn’t you? And guys, Livelinks gets that you’re busy, which is why they make it as easy as possible for you to chat. You don’t need to hand over any personal info or even a credit card number to get started. You can just pick up the phone and start meeting some single ladies! Once you start, we have a feeling you won’t want to stop.

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