Live Chat: Dating the Fun Way!

Livelinks Chatline has been chatters’ go-to outlet for decades and retains its popularity to this day. Maybe it’s because it’s still just easier to pick up a phone than go to a bar, or maybe the experience itself is totally unique and not something you can achieve through an in-person encounter. That sense of electric excitement and mystery that accompanies talking to someone for the very first time, amplified tenfold by the fact that they are just a voice on the end of the line…

Now, that’s fun! A large part of what makes phone chat so appealing is the mystery that accompanies the experience. You hear someone’s voice, you exchange a few playful messages, and then you decide to dive in and accept a live connection. A unique chime sounds indicating a live chat request, you’re excited, a little nervous, and curious, so curious! What is this person like? What do they look like? Will you get along? It’s exhilarating.

The rush alone makes phone chat worthwhile. But then comes the actual conversation. You’ll be able to tell pretty quickly whether you want to keep chatting or not. That’s another advantage of chat. If the answer is no, the connection isn’t there, a simple key-press will end the conversation. No need to come up with some awkward excuse to get out of there, like you would on an in-person date. Just say, “Bye now.” On the other hand, if you find the conversation is going really well, if you feel that instant connection, you can keep chatting as long as you like!

The other majorly fun aspect of chat, is the freedom of it. There’s something about a phone call that transcends inhibitions. There’s no need to put on any pretense. You can be completely yourself. It’s just a phone conversation after all, no commitment necessary. You are also just a voice on the end of the line to someone else, and that is a powerful feeling.

To recap: mystery, excitement, exhilaration, connection, freedom… That’s phone chat. Ready to give it a try?

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