What is Phone Chat?

Ever wonder if there is a better way to date than going to a bar or sifting through endless online profiles looking for the one? But what other option is there? Ever consider phone chat?

Phone chat is an easy and viable way to meet local like-minded individuals, without the fuss of creating an elaborate online profile, or the disappointment of approaching someone in a bar and being turned down. And contrary to what some people may believe, phone chat doesn’t have to be dirty. In fact, the majority of local singles using phone chat, are there to do just that, chat!

The truth is phone chat is an easy, fun and instant way to make a connection.

EASY – Getting set up on phone chat is literally as easy as making a phone call. All you have to do is call your local Livelinks phone number and record your greeting in the Live Connector. Next, browse local chatters’ greetings, until you hear a message that catches your ear. Exchange a few messages with that person to get to know them a little, and if you continue to like what you hear, strike up a live connection!

FUN – Now that you’re set up, you can have some fun! Engage in friendly conversations, flirtatious ones, or something a little more profound. The fun part about phone chat is that whatever you are in the mood for, chances are there will be a local chatter out there who is looking for the same thing. Not to mention, you can do it all from the comfort of your home.

INSTANT CONNECTION – What better way is there to make a connection than by just talking to someone? With phone chat, there are no delays and no pre-meditated answers. You’re talking to a real person in real time, and you’ll know instantly whether you’ve made a real connection.

So, this evening, or this weekend, or whenever you’re next in the mood to make an instant connection, give Livelinks Chatline a try. It’s free to start and the experience itself is entirely in your hands.

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